Stay competitive. Kickstart innovation. Scale growth potential. Optimise opportunities.

At Growology Grants, formerly Everyday Strategy, we know that the alignment of clear direction and innovative action creates significant results. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact.

Our unique and innovative approach to finding, submitting and winning grants delivers outstanding results for our clients while helping shape business strategy.

We LOVE helping small businesses to think outside the box and grow with grants. It is our philosophy that together we rise.

We understand regional issues and can contextualise funding opportunities to help you commercialise innovation, leverage opportunity and scale faster.

Unlocking the potential drives accountability and outcomes. Our team are experts in thinking strategically and helping to position your business for growth.

Kim Yabsley

Funding Acquisition Specialist

Kim has a long history writing strategy and various submissions for the government environment. She has worked as a communication specialist in various roles in both the public and private sectors.

She runs a consultancy specialising in culture change for corporate and government clients and is an international author and speaker on building better culture.

She has worked as a funding acquisition specialist, supporting small to medium business to:

  • Recover from natural disaster

  • Commercialise innovation

  • Provide strategic advisory services

  • Secure public funding

  • Scale their businesses

She is the go-to girl for understanding what funding is available and helping businesses shape business strategy to position themselves to secure grant funding to enable growth.